Simon Lempriere, helping clients achieve extraordinary results

by combining the precision of engineering with the inspiration of marketing.

Simon, founder of Dynamic Resources, is a rare asset to business owners being a former senior engineer and also a marketer with multi-national technology corporations. This gives him a valuable insight for company owners and senior managers merging design, operations and marketing into a single high value consultancy.

On top of that, Simon is also a widely regarded expert in the arena of securing grant funding for Research and Development, Business Development plus a range of other specialist fields.

After working for well respected organisations like Spandex, where he was a Director of Asia Pacific Group and Gerber Scientific Inc. as Regional Manager South East Asia, Simon chose to put his skills and corporate training to use with private clients.  He works predominantly in the technology sector but also in other business-to-business environments and on a wide range of project types and sizes.

During his broad ranging career, Simon has developed a network of experts in various fields many of whom he introduces to his clients to help with their growth and development programmes.

The combination of his own experience in corporate life, as a successful consultant plus his expert network means Simon provides a very powerful advisory and implementation service for his clients on their growth ambitions.