Do You Want Help from Someone Who has Secured

Millions of Dollars of Business Grants for NZ Businesses?

It’s hard enough running a growing business but the lack of money to fund further growth can be the biggest obstacle to a company’s expansion.  In fact, a lack of funds is the biggest cause of company failure.  Yet there are government grants and research funds available to help Kiwi businesses achieve their company growth ambitions.

But winning government grant funding is a complicated area with many different types of grant and even more diverse conditions that apply.  Not knowing what grants are available and understanding the application processes puts off many companies from claiming what is rightfully due to them and could be the difference between successful growth or not.

To overcome this, companies are seeking the assistance of

grant aid specialists to help with the whole government grant aid programme.

Hundreds of companies have called me in for generally three things:

  • To explain the different types of grants available.
  • To determine whether any grant is applicable and
  • To help with the application process itself, saving time and money.

What government grants are available?

The most accessed grant scheme for businesses are the grants for R&D. These grants help companies innovate and grow.

The R&D grants are structured to meet your business needs – whether you’re a young start-up, an established R&D performer, or want to bring students on board to assist in your R&D activities.

When we know what you need, we connect you with the right funding to help your R&D get ahead.

The four R&D grants are,

  • Getting Started Grants
  • Project Grants
  • Growth Grants
  • Student Grants

The sectors that are eligible for government funding are Agriculture including horticulture, forestry, aquaculture where MAF funds schemes such as,

  • Primary Growth Partnership
  • Community Irrigation Fund
  • Afforestation Grant Scheme
  • Sustainable Farming Fund
  • The Arts, where Creative NZ funds artists, arts practitioners and arts organizations.

Technical Research & Development
Callaghan Innovation

Waste Minimisation
Ministry for the Environment

For those businesses with growth ambitions, the government is there to help but it is complicated for the uninitiated.  A lack of knowledge or resources shouldn’t be an obstacle to your growth.

Seeking help in understanding the government grant system is the first step for many successful companies.  For those that do engage specialist help with grant assistance it can be very rewarding for those that are willing to take the first step.

Find out if you are eligible for government grant funding for your Company, give me a call on 09 236 0082 or email for a free initial consultation.