$1.28m for Top Talent to Try Out High-tech Jobs

About 200 of our best scientific, engineering and technology undergraduate students will get a taste of working for innovative high-tech businesses this summer, announced Science and Innovation Minister Wayne Mapp today.

“We are investing $1.28 million so businesses can hire undergraduate interns to do research and development projects over the university summer holidays,” said Dr Mapp.

“This Government wants to see better connections and more collaboration between science and business. These internships contribute to this goal.”

Dr Mapp said up and coming engineers, technologists and scientists will get a chance to prove themselves in a commercial research environment.

“In turn, businesses can tap into students’ knowledge, insights and skills to contribute to new products, processes or services,” he said.

The Undergraduate Internships programme, administered by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, provides funding of $16 per hour (excl. GST) for up to 400 hours of work by the student.

Many of the internships from the previous investment rounds resulted in jobs for the interns.

“This programme has proven to fulfil a real business need over the past few years,” said Dr Mapp. “I expect this year it will also be in popular demand.”

For more information about the programme and how businesses can apply, go to http://www.msi.govt.nz/business/capability/undergrad

Applications close 12pm, Tuesday 27 September 2011.

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